Absentia: Corseted Body, Open Mind

  • Mayxo

    Beauty, mind and attitude goals!

  • TimiTim

    OMG!!! All those looks are unreal!

  • ioana33

    This is the perfect example that women are not just pretty things. Women can be smart, beautiful, indepent and inspiring all at once!!

  • Alexrn

    To people talking about how we should raise our daughters and sisters, this is how we should do it. Teach them that they can grow up to be more than a piece of meat supposed to shut up and look down when a man speaks. We should teach them that can be whomever they want to be. Thank you Absentia for showing little girls everywhere how powerful and wonderful women can be!

  • Carmen

    Raspunsul perfect pentru intrebarea “Ce vrei sa te faci cand cresti mare?” – o femeie, puternica, talentata si independenta.

  • sisi

    There are no words to describe the way this article made me feel. Thank you Patricia and Absentia for being such great role-models for girls everywhere!!!

  • laura

    This is just the kind of reading I needed right now

  • Lavender

    E absolut superba tipa, parca nu imi vine sa cred ca e reala, jur!

  • Amiletta

    Si cand ma gandesc ca eu nu pot sa cos un nasture :)))

  • Denisa Sp

    m-am indragostit de prima poza, in lavanda, wow <3