Can You Pass This Extremely Difficult Rupaul’s Drag Race Quiz?

  • Natalie Richards

    The Answer for Question 7 is wrong. You’ve given the correct answer as “2 times, Looking for a New Love”, when the correct answer is “3 times, MacArthur Park” – it was Manila who sent her home!

    • Patricia Blaj

      It has been corrected! We are very sorry for the error!

      • Marty Furr

        Actually it was 3 times he lip sync with Phoenix then he lip sync with Mariah then he lip sync with Manila

  • Kia

    Question 14 is wrong. Detox wore the green and black. Not Alaska

    • Patricia Blaj

      That is the point. The question is which outfit WASN’T worn by Alaska 🙂

  • Daniel Franco

    Question 9 has 2 correct answers. Dita Von Teese was a guest judge both in season 2 AND season 4

    • George Manoloudis

      She was not a guest judge in S4, she just appeared in Untucked.

  • Prince Daisuke

    Why is Jinyoung from b1a4 in the fifth question image? hahha

  • Kahtya Tehnsion

    12 is wrong. Detox wore that.

  • Vivian Silva

    The question about which queen played the role of Divine is wrong. It was actually Kennedy, Violet and Ginger. Not Kennedy, Violet and Trixie.

    • Rubens Barbosa

      The question is right. Ginger wasn’t playing divine. It was really Trixie

  • Zaney Marie

    i got caught on that one too, when it come up i was like ‘no Detox wore that!’ then i re read the question …. oooppss

  • ichudkiller

    It was Trixie, Ginger played Divine’s mother.

  • Danny Banany

    Where’s the quiz – i just got the caption and the commentsection…

  • ALS3

    still waiting for my crown………..