(RE)Defining Normality

HURTS Just Released An OutsiderZ Manifesto

We are the Beautiful Ones.

Is there anything better than one of your favourite bands releasing a song & video that stand for literally everything you stand for? I don’t think so. Hurts just released a new single and video, titled “Beautiful Ones”, which is, as they called it themselves, a celebration of individuality. The song delivers a true sense of empowerment, as the video explores gender fluidity, love, hate and brutality. Press play.

“Don’t think twice

Give yourself to another night

Hold on tight

Hope that you make it out alive”

As the video points out, it’s still a dangerous world out there for people who dare to be different, who dare to step out of society’s comfort zone. While we don’t encourage you to run people over with a car, we do believe that there’s no other way to break these stereotypes and these rules other than daring to be yourself in spite of them. There’s strength in numbers and the more we speak out, the better. That’s why what Hurts has done today is so amazing. The fact that a band that’s completely embraced and adored by the mainstream dares to speak out for gender fluidity, for individuality, for disruption – it’s huge. And maybe, hopefully, given the medium, more people will care to listen.

“Don’t be afraid

Honey, one day this will fade

So put on a smile, do it in style

Make them all desperate to be you”

PS: It was incredibly hard to write this post in a non-fangirly manner.

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