Let’s Talk About Body Shaming

  • I can’t put into words how much I appreciate you for this article. Until I came to Bucharest, I’ve always been the really skinny girl and people would often comment on my appearance, not in a positive way. This really damaged my self confidence and for years I struggled to gain weight fast by eating all sorts of unhealthy food and refusing to exercise. A big no-no. Now I’ve come to my senses, I started eating as healthy as I can (mind you, I still cheat from time to time) and working out. I’m happy with my size and shape, although sometimes I can still hear echoed voices telling me I look like a boy, my boobs are too small or other mean stuff. But I’m infinitely better due to awesome people around me and articles such as yours. You are an inspiration and I want to thank you in the name of everyone who has ever been body-shamed in their lives. You rock, girl!

  • Gianina

    You are brilliant, both inside & out

  • LittleStar

    Thank you so much for this article. I’ve been struggling with my weight all my life and I’ve been bullied for it more times than I care to remember. I wish I’ve had inspiring people like you to look up to while growing up, I woul’ve probably been in a different place now 🙂

  • Maria Stan

    Superb, absolut superb. Ai un corp minunat, iar articolul asta m-a uns pe suflet.

  • Georgi

    Imi placi din ce in ce mai mult cu fiecare articol pe care il scrii 😀

  • mia

    I love this new blog of yours already, so inspiring and brave ♥

  • Andreea P.

    Te apreciez foarte mult ca poti vedea problema body-shamingului din toate perspectivele. Foate multe din cunostintele mele plinute urasc fetele slabe si fac comentarii deplasate la adresa lor, dar daca cineva spune ceva de ele, imediat sar in sus. Eu am fost dintotdeauna foarte slaba, iar cand eram mica am fost tachinata ani intregi pe tema asta, as minti daca as spune ca nu m-a afectat. In concluzie, bravo tie! Esti o tipa foarte tare!

  • Iulia

    Your new blog is on fire :X loved loved loved this one!!!

  • lady

    Foarte frumos spus, iar pozele….damn girl 😀

  • dinu

    OMG esti grasa, treci peste si nu iti mai etala suncile. penibil

    • lavi

      Singurul lucru penibil de aici esti tu.

  • Molly Stephens

    As a girl who’s been bashed all her life for her weight, I thank you.

  • Someone else is speaking from my mouth. Patricia, chapeau bas for you, for having the courage to speak out the truth. This could be the story of every girl or boy – bullying someone is a serious problem. I’m glad you wrote this brilliant article. And for those who are talking crap about Patricia, I had the opportunity to see her in reality and she is a very, very beautiful person.

    Congrats for the new project!



  • Claudia

    Like the girl before me said, you took the words straight out of my mouth. I’ve been following for a little over a year now and I’m loving your evolution 😀

  • elle

    Doamne, ce bine le zici!

  • deedee

    Cel mai bun articol pe care l-am citit pe tema asta, felicitari! Recunosc ca am fost putin sceptica inainte sa iti lansezi blogul nou, nu imi plac cuvintele mari si mi se parea ca faci cam mult tam tam, dar e the shit!

  • Fata Cu Flori

    Am simtit fiecare cuvant care l-am citit in articolul tau. Si eu am trait multa batjocura si inca nu am reusit sa trec peste, dar cu ajutorul oamenilor ca tine, sunt sigura ca intr-o buna zi voi reusi 🙂 iti multumesc