Why Men Shouldn’t Be Ashamed To Wear Makeup

  • sultrylion

    Singura problema pe care o am cu baietii care se machiaza e ca ei se pricep la machiaj si eu nu. lol. sunteti minunati baieti!

  • dragonslayer

    you do you guys! you’re awesome!

  • tanya

    these guys give me life!!!!

  • bluebird

    OMG! RYAN! *combusting*

  • champagnemami

    I’m fangirling so bad right now, I’ve basically learned how to do makeup from some of these guys, seeing that you’ve talked to them makes me feel so much closer and they seem “real” haha if I’m making any sense

  • pinkdots

    Doamne dar baietii astia se machiaza mai bine ca mine :)) Super tare!

  • outlander

    so much perfection in one post!

  • nininono

    All those fabulos brows. hmmmm why can’t mine ever look like this?