ONE PRODUCT MANY WAYS | SEPHORA Collection Colorful Eyeliner

Ever wanted to buy a product, but thought you won’t get to use it to its full potential?

Whether we’re talking about a product being too expensive, or fearing that it’ll expire before you get to use it too many times, I’ve faced them all. What’s more, I am downright renowned in my inner circle for how much I hate wasting anything, from money to products – my heart literally aches when I have to throw away a palette or a lipstick or anything I didn’t get to fully use. So, I’ve developed many tactics of how to make my heart ache less. One would assume it involves buying less products, but rest assured, we do not go to such terrible lengths.

What we do, instead, is find out different ways to use a product. Today we’re playing around with Sephora’s Colorful Eyeliner, which you’ll see that works for much more than just a cateye.



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