Uh, oh, we’re ’bout to piss some people off.

Nah, we’re just kidding. In the video as well. If you do feel extremely offended about it, however, it means you’re probably doing some of the things we mentioned in the video – and then that’s on you, honey, not us. While the video is a pamphlet and should be treated accordingly, there are some things that we really, really dislike about the beauty blogosphere, both Romanian and in general.

Probably the main thing that irks me is the fact that bloggers still want to act as if they are not paid to promote products. Which is stupid on many levels. The main level would be that the whole world is aware that they are paid. Secondly, it’s only normal to be paid for your work. A video takes hours to film & edit and a blog post as well. Only I know the backaches I get from taking product photos. It IS work. It’s natural to be compensated for it.

Being paid for promotion does not mean you lose your credibility. Well, if you remain sincere, that is. No (real) brand will refuse to work with you if, out of 10 products, you say a negative opinion about 1. And if they do, it’s their loss. Trust me, your credibility and your community is waaaay more important than a few products, or even a paid deal. When you don’t like a product, but don’t want to piss off the client, at least say it doesn’t work for your skin type/complexion/eye shape/etc.

Also, people are ok with ads as long as you put a little effort into it too. Make it smart, make it creative, create a story around the brand & the product and I’m willing to bet on my most valuable asset that your community and readers/viewers will not mind.

So, let’s have a laugh together & here’s to a more sincere and creative beauty blogging future! 🔥

  • Monica Cotul

    Sunteti tari de tot, am ras cu lacrimi! Keep up the good work!