(RE)Defining Normality

I Tried Not Shaving For A Month and This is What I Learned

  • Well, I don’t really care about body hair that much, honestly. But I do really like the feeling of soft skin 🙂

  • Julie C

    Thank you for this article! Good points and i feel what you’re saying. It doesnt make me feel empowered and all that if i go unshaven (lucky for me i can wax and its a blessing). The problem with this imho is that the construct of human, especially women, going hairless is damaging to he whole feeling good thing about it. Its a trend passed among our society a very long time ago and to change this is at part futile and at most a very long process…

  • C C

    Nice try, not an easy one. I don’t think i could do it, i love soft skin, even if i suffer in the waxing action. I tried at some point bikini waxing and i felt so freeeeee and happy for about one mouth, pain was forgotten quickly, the eyebronws were more painfully. Have a happy day with inspiration!